Treasure Nails brand acrylic nails were envisioned by Dana Cody in 2009 with the help of model/entertainer Blac Chyna. They consist of real custom ordered Swarovski crystals (Swarovski (/swɒrˈɒfski/sworr-off-skee)[2] is the brand name for a range of cut crystal and related luxury products produced by Swarovski AG of WattensAustria.) and Tippie Toes very own polish. These nails are done Exclusively @ Tippie Toes. Treasure Nails  have been featured in several magazine’s such as British Vogue, NailPro, Nailed, Parlour Mag etc and worn by many celebrities.

Treasure Nails are done by Dana Cody & The Tippie Toes Staff: Cassie Ventura, Trina, Carlos Dzine, Tilda Swinton, Bridget Kelly, Janice Combs among others! Treasure Nails last about 3-4 weeks with a 1 week warranty and can only be done properly at Tippie Toes. Treasure Nails were Copyrighted and Trademarked by Dana Cody in 2010 for the purposes of protection of the production and creativity of the brand.